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Unparalleled Focus on Early Growth

Addressing a Critical Niche

Investment Focus: Early-growth SMEs operating in Tier 2/3 centres, targeting mass-market segments, and addressing shifting consumer preferences.


Market Impact: Focusing on bridging a USD 350 billion funding gap for SMEs, which contribute over USD 1 trillion to India's GDP.


Tailored Approach: Customized Investment approach to tackle the unique challenges faced by SMEs, and drive sustainable growth. 


Investment Focus
Market Impact
Tailored Approach

About Us

Established in 2019, India SME Investments, focuses on investing in early-growth, small and medium-sized companies primarily based out of/operating in Tier 2/3 centres in India, targeting the lower/middle-class segment, changing consumer preferences, improving financial inclusion, increasing rural demand and improving affordability in healthcare and education.

Our Focus

Our Investment Criteria

We value strong product-market fit, differentiated business models, scalability, and capital efficiency. Our core focus is on companies that are already profitable or on the cusp of breaking even. 

Tailored Investment Approach 

We are typically the first institutional investors. With a cheque size of USD 5 to 15 million, we generally lead equity rounds. Our approach adapts based on maturity of the business.

Diverse Sectoral Expertise

We are sector agnostic and focus on sectors linked to domestic consumption - consumer, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, financial inclusion among others.

Unlocking Equity Value

Through our active engagement with the sponsors, we influence cultural change in the businesses driving institutionalization, professionalism and consequently unlocking equity value.

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