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Unparalleled Focus on Early Growth

Addressing a Critical Niche

India SME Investments is focused on investing in early-growth, small and medium-sized companies primarily based out of/operating in Tier 2/3 centers in India, targeting the lower/middle-class segment, changing consumer preferences, improving financial inclusion, increasing rural demand and improving affordability in healthcare and education.


In India, SMEs face a funding shortfall of USD 350 billion, which includes a USD 45 billion equity gap. Our goal is to bridge this gap created by the limited interest of private equity and the restricted access to bank debt. 


With ~75 million SMEs contributing over USD 1 trillion to India's GDP, they are critical to India's growth story.


Our investment approach is customized to tackle the unique challenges faced by SMEs, thereby driving sustainable growth. 



About Us

India SME Investments started its journey in 2019 with a focus on supporting early-growth companies, especially those based in or operating within the underserved Tier 2/3 centers of India. Our investment approach prioritizes companies catering to the growing demand of the rural and middle-class population, driven by factors such as increased inclusion, evolving consumer preferences, technology adoption, and the shift towards organized play within India's economic landscape.

Our Focus

Empowering Change

  • Leverage ongoing transformation from unorganized to organized play.

  • Address shifting consumer preferences.

  • Enhance financial inclusion for underserved segments.

  • Meet increasing rural demand.

Transformation for a Stronger India

Our Investment Criteria

  • Strong product-market fit.

  • Sustainable differentiation.

  • Scalability for market leadership.

  • Capital efficiency for sustainable growth.

  • Value creation for businesses.

Key Factors We Look For

Real-world Outcomes

  • Empowering lower and middle-class segments.

  • Contributing to economic transformation.

  • Enhancing access to vital services.

  • Enabling social progress.

  • Fueling innovation and change.

Driving Positive Change

Our Commitment

  • Fostering meaningful growth.

  • Creating lasting impact.

  • Guiding and supporting promising businesses.

  • Helping entrepreneurs realize their ambitions.

  • Shaping the future of Indian business.

Dedication to Success

Our Thesis

Tailored Investment Approach

  • We typically invest in Pre-Series to Series A or B rounds.

  • Our approach adapts based on the nature and maturity of the business.

  • We provide growth capital to the most capable local entrepreneurs.

Matching Nature and Maturity

Diverse Investment Horizons

  • We are sector-agnostic, allowing our investments to span various industries.

  • These include consumer, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Exploring Varied Industries

Fostering Early-Stage Growth

  • Our primary focus is on early-growth startups and small and medium-sized companies that are already profitable or on the cusp of breaking even.

  • We also explore early-growth startups with a clear path to growth and profitability.

A Spectrum of Potential

Dynamic Business Engagement

  • In general, we take a leading or co-leading role in equity rounds.

  • However, we are adaptable and adjust our role on a case-by-case basis, depending on the unique needs of the business and sector.

Versatility for Unique Needs

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